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Get Inspired

Assalamualaikum wbt and hye people!
It has been a while since I updated my entries. Oh well I am a third year accounting student. Perhaps you know how crazy I am to go through these semesters.
Get inspired!
Have you ever feel like “How cool that person. I want to be like her!” “You are very talented person. How can I be like you?” I believe that kind of thought always comes across our mind or perhaps you ever feel it once, right?
Why you feel it? I’m not one to say that we felt it just because there is something inside you that you didn't like and you try to change, thus you try to be like others. I’m not saying it is false. Definitely not. But you need to know there are more beautiful things that you have inside. You may be dislike it, but believe me there are a thousands of people out there who want to be like you. You are the one of kind. So, for me the best inspiration is YOURSELF, but then you can get inspired from others.
Bear in mind, the only reason to get inspired from o…