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FOOD DIARY : Plan B (Publika)

Hi guys, how was your September? Everything fine? Mine was good! I mostly spent my weekend catching up with my besties.
Me and Bella just got invited to our college-mate's party. They were hosting their daughter's first birthday party and it was awesome. I'm so in love with the decoration & food (for sure). A mermaid theme just perfect for her.
Back from the party, we then had nothing plan to do. Searching for a new hyped cafe to hang out.
So guys, this is literally what I search on google that day. Cafe hipster Kuala Lumpur
because I really had no idea where to lepak maa 😂
So after googled it, I choose to go to Wondermilk Publika, as I know they had a good cakes & cookies. But you know what, while we are queuing at the counter, I unintentionally turn back a bit and there is a classic look cafe that caught our eyes. We both then go straight away to that cafe. Finding out what cafe is this, and ohhhh it's Plan B! I thought Plan B only placed in Ipoh but yeahh t…

Parents Visit

Eid Adha + New houseMy parents came down for a month to celebrate Eid Adha with me and my both brothers. We stay at my lovely aunt's house and we took them jalan-jalan around KL, do shopping, bring them to their wishlist restaurant. Its always nice to see and spend time with our parents.
This year Eid Adha was really meant to me as I seldomly celebrate it with my parents since I'm in college.  I choose cotton kurung match with soft pink shawl for my raya outfit Family bondingTook them to Genting Highland for the first time. Mama Abah was very happy.... until we all dah penat pusing-pusing around Genting. Had Tealive, then head back to KL. We had mee tarik for lunch, hands down! It super yummy but man I forgot to snap it guys  -_- Genting's signature Never too much  for Tealive. The only boba drink I interested in My love hate relationship <3 <3 <3
Mak long cravings have  been satisfied. Musang King is the king of durian! You guys should watch our Musang King vlog at my b…

Review : Revlon Colorstay Makeup Foundation

Hello dear,

Well today I got the idea to share my thoughts on Revlon Colorstay Makeup Foundation.

Foundation ni I beli masa sale half price kat Guardian a few months ago. Dah lupa dah bulan berapa beli.

Mula-mula beli, I jarang sangat pakai  foundation ni since I ni jenis yang calit concealer je kat muka for daily makeup. I taknak put too much on my face for daily makeup. I akan pakai foundation if only I need to attend any special event that I feel like I need to look more presentable. For daily make up, I prefer pakai concealer je untuk conceal my flaws.

I will start with their claims on the product, then barulah I akan bahaskan my review on this, together with the picture of me wearing this foundation. So keep reading ya guys.

Product Name Revlon ColorStay Make-Up Foundation

Contains 30ml foundation in a heavy glass bottle with pump.

Achieve a flawless complexion with the Revlon Colorstay™ Make-Up Foundation. Catering specifically for oily to combination skin, its …

Sum Up 2018

It's been a year since my last blog post. Today, December 24, to the end of 2018. If you ask me how was my 2018, I would say it is full of colors. Shine and dark. I've been through it.

I move to KL for work. Create my own life here. Independent. Far from my family. And yes that is me since I finished my school. Muadzam Shah, Sabah and now Kuala Lumpur. My career was quite good even until now, I'm still working here. Such a beautiful working environment. My seniors and colleague are quite good eventho I'm the first Malay working in this company. They welcoming me very well. They treat me professionally. Alhamdulillah.

Apart from working, my relationship going upside down. We are fine, until I came here in KL. It started to feel a bit hard, since we are getting miles far away. LDR is shitty hard. Like legit! Early January, he confessed. He's being unfaithful to me. He cheated me. He was in love with another girl other than me. He apologized. And I accept.


Skincare Routine Elfira Loy

Hi guys! Baru-baru ni Elfira Loy ada kongsikan skincare routine or dengan bahasa mudahnya apa je yang El amalkan setiap hari untuk dapatkan kulit muka yang cantik dan sihat. Since dia punya step terlalu banyak, so I decided to list down satu-satu apa yang El dah share. (kan bagus kalau zaman belajar dulu rajin macam ni. Confirm 4 flat dalam tangan je beb). So, jom study step by step okay.
Step 1: Make-up removal (wipes) 1) Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets : Gunakan seluruh muka 2) Eyeko Mascara Off : Guna area mata sahaja (tak pedih dan senang nak hilang, guna bila mekap tebal sahaja)
Step 2: Apply cleanser (double cleansing) 1) Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil 2) CAUDALIE Gentle Cleansing Milk 3) CAUDALIE Cleansing Foam
Step 3: Spray to refresh 1) CAUDALIE Organic Grape Water 2) CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir
Step 4: Face scrub 1) CAUDALIE Deep Cleansing Exfoliator 2) CAUDALIE Gentle Buffing Cream Cara: Combine 1 & 2
Step 5: Apply face mask 1) Kiehl’s Calendula &…